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Ironically, in actual practice cyberfeminism has already adopted many of the strategies of avant garde feminist movements, including strategic separatism (women only lists, self-help groups, chat groups, networks, and woman to woman technological training), feminist cultural, social, and language theory and analysis, creation of new images of women on the Net to counter rampant sexist stereotyping (feminist avatars, cyborgs, genderfusion), feminist net critique, strategic essentialism, and the like.The repudiation of historical feminism is problematic because it throws out the baby with the bathwater and aligns itself uneasily with popular fears, stereotypes, and misconceptions about feminism.A demand for privacy while online is often an indication of internet infidelity. Sometimes the involved parties never meet in person but indulge only in cybersex or intimate conversations.In other cases, Internet infidelity can turn into an emotional affair where your partner withdraws from you and your relationship together.While young women are just entering the technological economy, many older feminists are unsure how to connect to the issues of women working with new technology, and how to go about adapting feminist strategies to the conditions of the new information culture.The problem for cyberfeminism, then, is how to incorporate the lessons of history into an activist feminist politics which is adequate for addressing women’s issues in technological culture.Do you discover emails from someone you don't recognize that isn't a co-worker of your husband?

Commodity culture is forever young and makes even the recent past appear remote and mythic.One of the seedier results of the digital age is Internet infidelity, otherwise known as an online affair.If your spouse spends a lot of his or her free time in front of the computer, participating in chat groups or other activities, it's possible an online relationship with someone else has begun.The situation may even turn into a real life affair.It all depends on the people involved, where they live, and how serious the relationship is.

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