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Escaping her master once again, she brings all of them to 1406, where they run afoul of Cerebus the Aardvark.The three parties reluctantly team up with the easily-disgruntled Cerebus annoyed by the mere presence of the Turtles while the Turtles are constantly annoyed by Renet's never-ending, airheaded attitude.On March 1st, we'll be getting our first taste of Popolo Crois in close to a decade when Return to Popolo Crois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale launches for the 3DS.But in a year brimming over with huge RPGs for Nintendo's portable, this low-key release runs the risk over being overlooked.

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Though the series saw its share of success in Japan through the late '90s and early '00s, we Westerners only received the 2006 PSP installment--which wasn't the series' finest hour. There are so many different takes on "four reptiles in eye masks who fight crime with ninjitsu" that it's honestly hard to keep count of all the different continuities.From the gritty Miller homages to the goofball cartoon characters to the CGI hunchbacks in the latest two movies, there's been a wide range of interpretations.The government brings in the Turtles to investigate, while at the same time, the Mysterymen start their own investigation.The two sides collide, befriend each other, and then fight fire ghosts, a werewolf, and other ridiculous things.

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