Cw 100r updating

To have the height of the display above the ui board not much bigger as it was before (if soldered direct) the two black plastic strips of the two pin headers on the display panel should be peeled off carefully and then the pins themselves should be carefully cut down to about 3 ... R30, R31 and R32 (all 0R) do not mount on the UI circuit board, if one has the newer LCD display HY28B.These hinder the possible future use of the touch function of the display panel.The module is SDI pathological test compliant, and features a built in equalizer, cable driver, and re-clocker.The Link PFO series has signal jitter elimination circuitry to ensure high quality signal transmission over long distances, with fiber optic cable on both the transmitter and receiver.Link Electronics introduces the PFO-100-T&R, a compact and high quality 3G/HD/SD-SDI or ASI fiber optics transmission system.This unit operates with single mode fiber optics cable or, multi-mode fiber optics cable can be requested for shorter transmission distances. Generally, it is useful to first modify as little as possible, because then you have an easier troubleshooting when something goes wrong.

Available in a high heat load (HHL) package, this easy-to-integrat...

We have not found any successful modification to the PIN diode switching stage except for removing it and replace it by an "old school" relay switching. Apply the following parts: bigger Schematics If you are in RX mode the Antenna is connected by relays directly to the RX input.

If you are transmitting, contacts open and the antenna now disconnects from RX preamp.

If you have the old HY28A, one may only populate the resistors when operating the display in SPI mode, otherwise you disable the touch function.

The phasing of the I/Q-audio signals is changed by a series circuit of capacitors.

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