Dating contacts online com

I know some of you prefer to ask girl’s contacts as soon as possible.

And some men do it since first mail by leaving their email or phone number.

Here is also very important thing – to be honest and sincere with a girl in your communication with her.

Introduce yourself from your best side but without lying about your age, habits, job and other things.

And I noticed that in most countries, most people prefer this or that way of communicating on the Internet.

I advise you to try to text with a girl for a while time on a dating site before asking for her private contacts.

If you do it right away, she can think, that you ask lots of girls to give you their contacts.

The girl can perceive this as your unwillingness to learn her closer and take a new step. You are not sure that she is a real person with real pics and profile. So when is the right time for asking a girl for her private contacts online?

In my opinion, based on personal and professional experience, you should exchange about 5-10 mails on a dating site to build a great, interesting communication with her. In addition, these first 10 mails can help both, you and the girl, to understand if you are interested in knowing each other, if you have a good connection.

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