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Located in Del Mar Highlands Town Center – Cinépolis Del Mar offers exquisite cocktails, alluring design and incredible dining.Cinépolis made its Del Mar Highlands debut in 2011 and underwent full renovation in 2017.When the resident Gabby Holland moves to the next door house, she initially believes he is a pretentious man.But when her boyfriend Ryan Mac Carthy, who is fellow doctor in the same hospital where she works, needs to travel to another city, Gabby and Travis have a relationship and fall in love with each other.Nothing ground-breaking in terms of film acting but nothing illusion breaking either.The writing does feel is lazy, as we fall back into elements taken straight out of the ten previous installments of this 'franchise.' It's also extremely unbalanced.Out of the blue, Ryan returns and proposes to marry her.Now Gabby has to make a choice between her two loves.

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His sister doesn't really have a story of her own but acts as a catalyst for dialogue.

I'm about half way on the Nicholas Sparks Love – Hate scale.

I feel roughly the same when it comes to all of these movies.

Some other side characters with more depth however appear in the film too; Gabby's boyfriend from the beginning of the film Ryan is a doctor whose parents own the hospital where she and he work.

(They all have relationships that are super complicated to explain in these movies!

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