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Then do the build by going into the .../uimaj directory, and issuing the command mvn clean install This builds everything except the ...file.If you want that, change the command to mvn clean install -Papache-release Look for the result here: target/uimaj-[version](if run with -Papache-release) For more details, please see New ---------- Please refer to the RELEASE_Supported Platforms -------------------- Apache UIMA requires Java version 7 or later; it has been tested with Sun/Oracle Java SDK 7, and 8, and IBM Java 7 and 8.Feature Structures which are subtypes of Annotation Base may only be added to the View corresponding to their Sofa reference.

To scan the logs for these reports, search for instances of lines having the string While FS was in the index, the feature -Duima.disable_enhanced_check_wrong_add_to_index See updates on articles and resources, follow @TSWAlliance on Twitter Today’s topic comes from an interesting conversation I had with a customer about SSL certificates that can be used to secure Nexus and serve it via HTTPS.Though HTTPS should be the cornerstone in securing any web service, I thought it useful to answer small…Note: The Mac OS X operating system procedures for setting up global environment variables are described here: see Verifying Your Installation ---------------------------- To test the installation, run the document (or .sh) file located in the bin subdirectory. Set the values displayed in this GUI to as follows: * Input Directory: UIMA_HOME/examples/data * Output Directory: UIMA_HOME/examples/data/processed * Location of Analysis Engine XML Descriptor: UIMA_HOME/examples/descriptors/analysis_engine/Person Title Replace UIMA_HOME above with the path of your Apache UIMA installation.

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