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It seems to me that Jon Gosselin is relatively Asian looking for someone who is Eurasian, so I am not that surprised that his offspring look more Asian than one might expect.But, they’re all very young, and many people look more Asian as babies than they do as adults.I was at the supermarket today and saw some some before and after pictures of Kate Gosselin on the cover of Us Weekly.Pretty crazy, though not as extreme as some of the “pre” and “post” makeup photos of celebrities you always see in Star.Uncivil or churlish comments will likely get you banned immediately, so make any contribution count!

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Phoebe Cates, Keanu Reeves and Dean Cain seem more typical in appearance for someone who is 1/4 East Asian & 3/4 European in ancestry.

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On a somewhat genetically related note some people have commented that it’s peculiar that the Gosselins’ offspring look so Asian when they’re only genetically 1/4 Asian.

Jon Gosselin’s mother, who is ethnic Korean from Hawaii, chalked it up to the dominance of Korean genes apparently.

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