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They even post congratulation videos when a couple starts dating (which is done in a strict style the Duggars refer to as courtship, rather than dating.) In the latest of these videos, however, posted Saturday evening by Michelle and Jim Bob to congratulate their son Joe and invite Kendra into the family, the focus shifted a little.

Instead of simply wishing the couple well, the happy parents announced what they expect from them: grandkids. In fact, in another recent announcement, Jim Bob made it clear that he is counting on at least 100 grandkids.

Moore has produced several film projects, had a book published, and starred in her own exercise video.

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She also became a model for the Ebony Fashion Fair cosmetic line.

Aside from Joy, mentioned above, Josh Duggar and his wife Anna are also awaiting their next child, who will be their fifth, and the 9th grandchild in the family.

Mentions of Josh have been sparse since the reveal of his alleged molestation of several young girls cost the family their previous reality show, but the partial exile hasn’t extended to his children and wife.

The latest Duggar to marry before Joe was Joy Anna, who wed Austin Forsyth only a few months ago and has already announced her first pregnancy.

The most recent wedding before that was Jinger, who married Jeremy Vuolo in November, and whose lack pregnancy has actually been featured on the family’s reality program.

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