Linda bollea dating

Life had suddenly become very dark for the platinum blonde. “I could have stood up on the Skyway Bridge [in Tampa] and jumped. I thought about jumping off a dock and into the water at night.” Now, at the Somis, Calif., home of her parents—Gail, an interior designer, and Joe, a retired Los Angeles cop—Linda is ready to discuss the emotional collapse she suffered after a string of family crises and the breakup of her 24-year marriage to Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan.For decades, as Linda Hogan, she was the de facto First Lady of professional wrestling, with the lavish lifestyle to go along with it. “It was cool being Hulk’s wife because he was so respected and so well known. I was so proud to be with him and to be his wife, even with our little arguments.” Though Linda admits that the marriage weathered a few rough patches, she says the biggest strain on the relationship came when the family signed up for the VH1 reality series , which aired from 2005 to 2007.Her lengthy marriage to the wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, 55, had unraveled.Her daughter Brooke, 20, was leaving town, and then in a freak accident, Foxy, her 15-year-old Chihuahua, was crushed by a van in her driveway.

He claims he was unaware that he was being recorded and is arguing that his privacy was violated.“There was a time I felt sorry for myself,” she says, “but I am over that now.I celebrate the fact that I wake up in the morning with my eight little dogs in my bed.“At the end of a taping day, we couldn’t wait to escape from each other. Meanwhile, my son was dabbling in cars.” Nick’s fondness for fast automobiles would soon lead to tragedy. 26, 2007, Nick was in a crash with his best friend, John Graziano, who was critically injured.I could not take another minute of him, and the kids could not take a minute more of us. “It was the absolute worst day of my life,” Linda says, tearing up.

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