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NOW: The cost of a wedding, on average, in the Middle East is very high. can do a lot because it has one of the best records of harnessing youth energy. engagement in the region has focused on defense and diplomacy. has focused on development, it has been in the context of the fight against terrorism.ND: Diane Singerman's research has found that in Egypt, the average cost of a wedding is equivalent to about 43 months of the entire earnings of both the groom and his father. By providing greater foreign assistance as well as actively supporting more partnerships between U. and Middle Eastern education institutions and civil society organizations, we can make a real contribution to on-going reforms in the region. Not enough has been done to promote economic development. The reality is that most youth are involved in a different fight - a fight for better livelihoods.NOW: Many people might be surprised to hear that the Middle East has such high unemployment levels compared to the rest of the world. Second, economic systems have been less suited to accommodating these demographic pressures.

Because difficulties in one area of life spill over into the others, youth find themselves in a debilitating state.

NOW: What's the downside to marrying later in life? It's important to understand the significance of marriage in most Middle Eastern societies. Your rite of passage to adulthood is secured by marriage.

And sexual relationships are only really approved and remain legitimate in the Middle East within the institution of marriage.

There's a little known problem with marriage in the Middle East: it's getting more and more difficult to afford, especially as unemployment rates in the region skyrocket.

Navtej Dhillon, Director of the Middle East Youth Initiative at the Wolfensohn Center for Development at the Brookings Institution, has just come back from a trip to the region and talks to NOW about the marriage "crisis." NOW: Why is marriage being delayed in the Middle East?

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