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I can understand that you wish to be careful with your money to ensure that you do not run out of money but it is your money so make sure that you enjoy the money that you have saved.Finally, you have asked about how to compare flexible drawdown contracts.Another example; you could not use the rooms to accommodate family and friends as this will be of personal benefit to you and you would be liable for a tax charge. Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed as having a terminal illness and have been told when the inevitable happens my wife will be able to inherent a percentage of my State pension on top of her own, if this is true what percentage might that be.

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Unfortunately we have run out of time but you can always e-mail questions in to [email protected] or please feel free to contact my friends and colleagues at the Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) who have been doing a great job of helping me answer your trickiest question today. QUESTION Hi I have £120,000 in my Sipp can I use it to buy a commercial property looking to buy a b&b in blackpool?If you are receiving a private pension of any sort (for example, from a former employer) then there your wife might be entitled to a widow's pension from that scheme. QUESTION Dear Steve, here is my question for consideration by you and your panel of experts. She likes her job and wants to continue working as a midday supervisor, but wants to claim her works pension now at 66 years old.She asked about claiming her pension but was told she'd have to retire or at least cut down her hours and go for flexible retirement.ANSWER In theory, you may be able to buy a B&B with your SIPP.There are few things to be aware of before making such an investment.

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