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Similar to the men of “The Jersey Shore,” he’s super narcissistic and prefers his women with charred faces and ratty hair extensions.

You’ll know it’s time to break-up after your 18th meal at the Cheesecake Factory – and when you realize you’ve spent hundreds of dollars in gas money driving to the ‘burbs just to get spooned.

This guy is so busy slut-and fat-shaming the author (for “hating men”) that he forgot to read “The 10 Horrible Women You May Meet in Sacramento Bars.” Or maybe he did, but he wasn’t offended by it. He’s enraged (maybe to the point of violently ripping his tank top off?

Before long, you’re wondering why you’ve been wasting all this time with boys your age. And after you hook-up with him, he’s suddenly “sooo busy at work” and just can’t find the time to hang out. So that’s the list ladies – avoid these fellas unless you’re a total masochist or in need of a serious project. Back in the 70s, before Lavender Heights was Lavender Heights, two of the four bars on 21st Street were prime hetero places for prime pickings. The nearby Distillery was for the Geritol Generation.

Upstairs from the Distillery was short-lived place with the unfortunate name of Rattlesnake Dick’s. Anyway, I sold my 3/4 length leather coat, my Ringo cap, and gave my paisley shirts and bell bottom pants to Goodwill years ago.

You know it’s over when you call his cell, and his buddy answers to let you know he’s in jail. Days later you spot his mugshot on Buzz wearing a shirt that says “I shaved my balls for this?

” I appreciate a surprise as much as the next gal, but I would rather know what I’m working with instead of being caught off-guard in the morning when “said child” wakes me up by pounding me in the face with a yellow Care Bear.

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    Are we that lucky that we got so many women to write to us when our profile was intentionally left without a photograph?