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I hated how I always forgave him for the terrible things he said to me and pretended it didn't really hurt my feelings. I don't know if I still hate him(I don't typically hold a grudge against others) but I'm not ever talking to him again. But I don't know why, I made it look like I like him. So one day this guy from my church, we'll call him Travis, just texts me out of the blue.

I hate that I hate him but I'm done giving him second chances to be nicer or at least civil with me. He asks me if I want to go play nintendo with him at his apartment. He keeps inviting me over, and we quickly become friends.

I told him that I was willing to wait, since I was starting to like him a lot. I said only if he really liked me would I want to start. I am quite good, if I do say so myself, having kissed much in the past, and he was okay.

He told me that he wasn't over his ex girlfriend yet, and he wasn't quite ready for a relationship.

I arrive and there are a ton of guys there, including him, so I join and we all play Super Smash Brothers. Then, he starts inviting me to run with him in the mornings, and he makes breakfast for me.

His friends warn me that he broke up with a long-time girlfriend(a few months earlier, though) recently(we'll call her Miranda), so he might be weird about starting a relationship.

I sadly say that it's okay, but ask him what will happen after the break. A few days later, he unfriends Miranda on Facebook. I've made it a point to avoid him, avoid eye contact, and try not to be around him.

I see him at church, and he makes a big point of avoiding me and flirting with other girls. I've tried to stop thinking about him, but I feel like he ripped a chunk out of my heart, and I've cried so often that I had to go buy some red-eye-relief eyedrops so my red eyes aren't very conspicuous.

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