Shawn marion dating 2016

Women always found Shawn Grate irresistible.“He was charming.

He was always smiling, and he had those big blue eyes. All the girls liked Shawn,” said Amy Smith, who knew Grate as a teenager in Marion.

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She and Grate had a child by then.“He seems to be involved in nonviolent crime except when dealing with females, especially those he is intimate with,” said Tristin Kilgallon, an assistant professor of criminal justice at Ohio Northern University, who teaches a class on serial killers. The teen’s family sought a restraining order against him, though the ex-girlfriend asked a judge to remove the no-contact order a few months later. About a month after his son’s birth, Grate approached the baby’s mother and her sister with the butcher knife.Grate always mistook kindness for weakness, said Wally Toward, a Mansfield businessman and landlord, who witnessed Grate try to move in with some of his female tenants.“He exploited kind people,” Toward said.Grate is known to have fathered three children, two with girlfriends from Marion and one from a brief marriage in Mansfield.My girlfriend would say ‘(He) is not wanting to get off the couch.It’s been days.’”Christina Hildreth first met Grate in 2005 and ended up dating him for five years while living in Crawford County.“He was very handsome and quite charming,” she said.

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