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Last month, California started Hook Up 365247, a statewide text-messaging service.

The texter can type a ZIP code and get a local clinic referral, as well as weekly health tips.“Technology reduces the shame and embarrassment,” said Deb Levine, executive director of ISIS, a nonprofit organization that began many technology-based reproductive health programs.

Brooks believes that they circumvent an abstinence-until-marriage curriculum.

“It doesn’t make sense to fund a program that is different than the state standards,” he said.

More recently, researchers have explored how to reach teenagers through social networking sites like My Space and You Tube.

Sex education in the classroom, say many epidemiologists and public health experts, is often ineffective or just insufficient.A few universities and hospitals set up blunt Web sites for young people, like Columbia’s Go Ask Alice!and Atlantic Health’s Teen Health, allowing them to post questions online.Swanson answered a flurry of questions from someone who finally identified herself as a 12-year-old girl. Swanson asked whether the girl could turn to other adults. Life is full of twists and turns and difficult times — it’s how we handle them that matters — at least that is what I believe.” Ms. She texted, “Do u think its awkward txtin things about sex to kids? Swanson’s reply, in part: “I think communicating with teens in whatever way they need to ask a question is important.” Ms. The texted question: “If I was raped when I was little and just had sex was it technically my first time when I was raped or when I recently had sex? An hour later, he texted back: “Your first time is whatever you make it. The teenager texted: “I talked to my sex ed teacher but she wasn’t much help. Swanson promised to send her phone numbers for public health clinics in her area.“Be easy with yourself,” she texted.

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