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It's not a pretty picture: The old have voices that crack and apartments that smell of musty Bibles.

They spend sunny days trudging through funeral processions for "an older man, an uglier woman." And their beloved household pets?

Blind dating and basic etiquette You know what blind dating is, don’t you?

To sum it up in a sentence, the typical blind date is a date where you don’t know the person you’re going to meet on the date.

So if you want to ensure that you have a great time on your blind date, remember this basic etiquette tip.

Toby Keith, " As Good As I Once Was""I ain't as good as I once was/ I've got a few years on me now," sings amiable good ol' boy Toby Keith.

But when it's time to throw down in a bar brawl or roll in the hay with blond twins, he can still rise to the occasion—with a little help from Viagra, as the video makes clear. Kitty Wells, " A Woman Half My Age""You say your love for me you've laid aside/ And she's rekindled flames you thought had died." Country's first big female star braves her man's midlife crisis with a stiff upper lip, promising, in the song's most heartbreaking lines, to take him back once his affair has run its course: "Come back and we'll tear out this tarnished page/ And we'll forget that woman half my age." Steely Dan, " Hey Nineteen"As hot as it is having a girlfriend 30 years your junior, it's kind of a buzz kill when she's never heard of Aretha Franklin.

On one hand, you’re meeting someone you don’t really know and that thought seems daring.

On the other hand, if your date turns out to be an obnoxious loser, your hands are tied and you’ll have to endure them for the rest of the evening.

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