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The skull has special powers, and when Marshall and Charlie simultaneously wish they were each others age, father and son exchange bodies.Now Charlie has to go to work, and Marshall to school.This is our sex life, because we love showing each other off.We want to do tons of fun stuff here to expand and explore ourselves and our sex lives..hope you come along for the ride and enjoy.See more » When Sam is about to kiss Marshall in Charlie's body, Charlie in Marshall's body quickly comes in , then Sam kisses Marshall in the forehead and leaves a big horizontal mark, then when she says "Goodnight my favorite men", the camera comes back to Marshall and he has a little inclined kiss mark, instead of a big horizontal one.See more » I vaguely remember enjoying this film as a child.On returning from a buying trip abroad for the department store in which he works, Marshall finds he is in possession of a strange ornamental skull.Marshall is divorced and is looking after his son Charlie for a few days.

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Watching it a 2nd time now as a middle-aged man sheds a whole new light on this outstanding piece of work.

There are parts that I'm sure I didn't find humorous back then that were absolutely hysterical this time around.

The picture's director Brian Gilbert said of this movie: "The comedy of the film comes from the comedy of inappropriateness.

It's the humor of things being in their wrong places, of justifiable and decent attitudes in the wrong context, the whole sense of perspectives turned upside down.

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