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If you can't take the easy way out, note to which workbook Excel thinks it is linking (we'll call it the well-behaved workbook).

First, you need to see whether you have any real external links (nonphantom) that you forgot about.You should check that the data ranges and the X-axis labels for the chart aren't referencing an external workbook. Then, with all objects selected, you can delete, save, close, and reopen your copy to see whether this has eliminated the problem.Once again, you get to decide whether the link you've found is correct. dialog, click Special and then check the Objects option and click OK. Finally, the last not-so-obvious place to check for real links is in the hidden sheets that you might have cleverly created and forgotten about.Another potential source of links is in your charts.It's possible that your charts have the same problem we just explained.

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