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In 2014, Ben Harper dreamed of expanding his family with wife Jaclyn Matfus. “We met and didn’t ask for one another’s contacts,” he told Us in 2014. ” “Their first songs were when they were in the womb — I played music for them in utero,” he told in 2015. Though Harper is mum about how he began a romance with Matfus, he explained that their courtship was fate.I’d be hard-pressed to give an honest answer to what their first songs were after they were born, because there was just always something on the turntable.It has been a challenging year for the actress Laura Dern. ” Now, it’s his reality: The musician, 47, and social activist, 33, will welcome a baby in June, their rep exclusively confirms to Us.

Aged seven, she was an extra on a Martin Scorsese film that her mother was shooting, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, eating an ice-cream cone in a scene at a diner.Last September she finalised her divorce from the musician Ben Harper, the father of her two children.And as if that weren’t emotionally gruelling enough, she also spent every working moment shooting not one, but two “devastating” films about cancer. “It’s a pa-a-arty now,” she sings out, as she walks into the room where we meet to talk about The Fault in Our Stars, in which she plays the mother of a teenage girl who is dying of cancer. “Let’s get as close as possible,” she says as we choose chairs around a large table in a Los Angeles hotel.He’s also highly respected because of his performance versatility — Harper sings and is a highly-accomplished guitar player.In addition, his live performances are generally energetic and memorable.

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