Who nelly dating now kendra todd dating

" Ashanti kept her answer brief, but didn't hold back.

"I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character.

Nelly has now been moved on with some new partner named as Shantel.

She described the scary ordeal as "not fun" and said she's had to go to court several times to deal with the issue.

After split with Nelly till question are in mind of their back together because after spending such handsome time its not easy to forgotten these memories so chance of back is quite high in this situation.

Nelly says he and Floyd Mayweather were NEVER FRIENDS ...

When co-host Tamar Braxton asked Nelly if was he going to be "popping any questions to Shantel anytime soon," Nelly replied, "Yeah, more than likely in a year or so." The cautious rapper explained, "I think it's very important that you get to know one another before ...

especially in this business, friendship is everything and it lasts a lot longer when you become friends first, so I think what we're doing is not trying to succumb to the pressures of what everybody else thinks our relationship should be ...

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